"Lilly the little fish"

Summary: A fairy tale film about the metamorphoses of a child, reacting to each glance with a magic whirlwind, which changes its gender - from a boy it becomes a girl and vice versa. While looking for a solution, the family of this peculiar child meets a family of gypsy-sorcerers. Their abilities are concentrated in their daughter Lily. She makes an extraordinary sacrifice in the name of love.
Director: Yassen Grigorov

"Gate to heaven"

Resume: Many years ago, a military journalist, Robert, committed a mean act. Tortured by pangs of conscience, he makes a step towards repentance; it's the path to "Gate to Heaven".
Director: Jivan Avetisyan
Starring: Richard SammelNina KronjägerNaira Zakaryan
Co-producers: Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Lithuania



Summary: Dimitur Kalenderov, a doctor and veteran from The Second World War suffers from a terminal cancer. His days in the hospital seem like a constant hell despite doctor Radeva's care. His memories from the war become a safety net for the old man, who once needed to respond to the appeals of the bad wounded soldiers and euthanise them. Now he asks doctor radeva for the same. Two medics- one against the other, on the front of death. The question that weights the most - "Am I a murderer?".
Director: Daniel Delchunkov

DOP: Alexander Kenanov
Edittor: Bohos Topakbashian

"Heavens above"

Feature-lenght film
Dir. Srdjn Dragojevic



Director: Orlin Milchev

Bunny Slope

Dir. Michael Wright


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